Golf Course

Tree Planting Strategy

Our team continually strives to make the golf course the best that it can be. Any questions relating to the golf course and it's maintenance can be sent to

For an in-depth look at our planting plans, download the Tree & Vegetation Management / Planting Strategy.

For specific information please navigate to one of the links below.


           1st Hole       2nd Hole     3rd Hole

           4th Hole        5th Hole     6th Hole

            7th Hole       8th Hole      9th Hole

          10th Hole     11th Hole    12th Hole

          13th Hole     14th Hole    15th Hole

          16th Hole     17th Hole    18th Hole

                      Summary / Priorities


Click here for a PDF version of the Derrick Club Golf Course scorecard (173KB)





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