Golf Policies and Dress Code

The Derrick Golf and Winter Club proudly welcomes members’ guests to enjoy our course. It is our goal to offer you an exceptional golf experience.

Dress Code

Members are encouraged to respect the Dress Code for the Golf Course and Practice Facilities. Members are responsible for their Guests and their appearance at all times during their visit to the Derrick Club.

  • Collared shirts for Men (polo, turtle neck, mock neck, or dress collar).
  • Tailored pants and/or shorts.
  • Sweaters, pullovers, or other layering pieces.
  • Golf Specific rainwear.
Not Acceptable:
  • Headwear with the bill/brim facing backwards.
  • Denim of any type or colour.
  • T-Shirts and Shirts bearing any slogans, numbers, or illustrations.
  • Tennis, swimming, or fitness apparel (including hoodies).
  • Ladies shirts (including racerbacks) must have a collar and/or sleeves.
  • Tailored pants, capri pants, shorts or skorts. Shorts or skorts must reach mid-thigh or below.
  • Sweaters, pullovers, or other layering pieces.
  • Golf dresses (with shorts).
  • Ladies yoga pants, leggings, or tights are permitted if a golf skirt, skort or short of mid-thigh length or below is worn over top.
Not Acceptable:
  • Tank tops, halter tops, or spaghetti strap tops.
  • Any tops exposing the midriff.
  • Denim of any type or colour.
  • Shirts bearing any slogans, numbers, or illustrations.
  • Tennis, swimming, or fitness apparel (including hoodies).
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes or alternative golf specific tread.
  • Golf specific sandals.
  • Athletic rubber soled shoes may be permitted provided clean and in good repair.
Not Acceptable:
  • Metal or ceramic spiked golf shoes or sandals.
Special themed events may have a more relaxed dress code upon approval of the Head Golf Professional or GM.
Management will have the ability to use discretion when enforcing the dress code with our juniors. However, the Club encourages members to have their children comply at all times.

Pace of Play

To achieve a positive Pace of Play experience the assistance of Members and their guests is imperative. We strive to ensure that the starting gap on the tee sheet for each group is maintained. The following tips will help achieve this.
  • When called to the tee please be prepared to tee off once the group ahead has cleared away. If your group is waiting on a player or two, the Pro Shop staff can assist by bringing them out or simply send the next group to go.
  • Please play ready golf. The order of play should be who is ready to play. Each player should be preparing to play prior to their turn. While walking (or riding) to your ball, use the travel time to begin thinking over your next shot - the yardage, which club you'll use, and so on. Begin preparing before you get to your ball.
  • This includes the putting surface. Begin to line up your putt and reading the break as soon as you reach the green. It can be beneficial to watch other player’s putts prior to yours to get a read of the green. Once it is your turn to putt you are ready to go. Continuous putting until you hole out is encouraged.
  • It is imperative to maintain your position on the golf course relative to the group(s) ahead of you. If your group is struggling to keep pace and the group behind is pressing, let them play through. If your group is able to close the gap with the group in front that is ideal. If it is on the tee box that you are letting them play through – ensure that your tee shots have already been hit. Then let the faster group hit theirs and head up the fairway with them; allowing them to move on. This will keep the flow of the course moving.
  • Please ensure you and your group are playing from the appropriate tee deck for your ability and enjoyment.
  • Leave your bags or pull carts to the side of the green, and in the direction of the next tee, never in front of the green. Mark your scores on the scorecard on the next tee.
  • Please call the Pro Shop directly at 780-408-2880 if you anticipate and/or are experiencing a pace of play issue on the golf course. The Pro Shop will be able to assist with assessing and relieving the situation.

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