Membership Pricing

Upon joining the Derrick, new members must purchase a club share and pay a share transfer fee. Golf members must purchase a golf certificate and pay a golf transfer fee.

Members are then charged dues annually or monthly, depending on their membership.

Club Share and Golf Certificate

Derrick club shares and golf certificate fees are one-time payments made upon joining the club.

Transfer Fee

Transfer fees can be paid in full or in three equal instalments:
  • First payment: at time of joining
  • Second payment: when coming off the wait-list, or one year after joining (whichever is longer)
  • Final payment: one year after second payment

Optional payment plans are available. To view optional payment plans, click here.

The club has established limits on the number of golf and athletic members to ensure easy access to the facilities for all members. The board of directors reviews the membership regularly.

If membership levels have reached the established limits, you may decide to join the Derrick’s wait-list.

Monthly and Annual Fees

Additional Information

  • Athletic or social dues can be paid annually or monthly.
  • Golf dues are charged in two instalments: $1,000 in November and the balance in January.
  • Fees and dues are subject to GST.
  • Corporate memberships have the right to change nominees for a fee of half of the transfer fee in place at the time of transfer.
  • Athletic and golf shareholders (active and wait-list) are subject to a facility improvement fee of $50 monthly (this fee is dedicated to capital projects and debt retirement).
  • Program fees are extra.

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