The Top Badminton Club in Edmonton is The Derrick Club

Badminton is your game and The Derrick Golf and Winter Club is the club for you.

Badminton is a fun and fast-paced sport that is enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. It’s an excellent workout for competitive players and an fun activity for friends and families to play together.

When you walk into the Derrick Club badminton centre, you'll see one of the best badminton facilities in all of North America with gleaming hardwood courts and bright offset lighting and contrasting walls to maximize visibility for players.

Athletic members of The Derrick Club and their families have access to the badminton courts for a variety of programs and open play opportunities. 

The Derrick Club has an active and friendly badminton community. We’re eager to welcome you! Getting involved is as easy as talking to one of our badminton professionals.

Meet The Derrick Club Badminton Professionals


Coach Ma Zhong Hua

Coach Ma has a Master’s degree in Physiology and an illustrious career as a badminton coach in China, Japan and now Canada. His most famous protégés in China and Japan were the 1987 and 1988 World Mixed Doubles Champions, Shi Fang Jing and Wang Peng Ren. The same team won Silver at the 1988 Olympics. Even though Coach Ma has rubbed shoulders with many “greats” of world badminton, his goal at the Derrick has been to get to the grass roots and develop programs for all levels and ages. Coach Ma leads a team of coaches who promote a collaborative training environment through group lessons, private lessons and team training.


Coach Yi Tai

Yi is a highly competitive player who has joined our team from China. She has played in numerous international level tournaments and won the Chinese National Junior Championship. Yi played on the Shanghai Provincial Team in 2003 when the team finished second and she played on the Chinese Nation Team from 2003-2007. One of the highlights of her career was winning Gold in women’s Singles at the 2008 Canadian International Championships in Montreal. Yi and her doubles partner also won silver in the same event. Her coaching and playing experience is invaluable to our badminton program.


Coach Kai Dan

Kai joined our professional coaching staff after 7 years of coaching High Performance at the Royal Glenora Club followed by coaching at the B Active Club. He was the CCAA Badminton College National Men’s Singles Champion for 5 consecutive years and was twice named the CCAA All Canadian Male Athlete of the Year and twice the NAIT Male Athlete of the Year. He is excited to bring his passion and experience to Derrick Club members.

Group Lessons

Are you serious about developing your badminton skills? The Derrick Club badminton coaches are here to provide you with group lessons depending on your skill level. There’s something for everybody.

Are you serious about developing your badminton skills? The Derrick Club badminton coaches are here to provide you with group lessons depending on your skill level. There’s something for everybody.
We offer classes for beginner badminton players. This includes pre-school classes as well as beginner and teen classes. We believe that teaching the fundamental skills in a fun and relaxed setting will allow you to improve as a player. Forehand and backhand grip, serve and air-volley, ready position, racquet work, half court footwork, concept of all the basic skills, half court singles rules, and some fun games.
Players in this class know all of the proper shots in badminton and are beginning to learn more about how to play the game. An Intermediate player is developing and working towards playing in their first competitive tournament. They will keep practicing until they are able to use all the half court basic skills proficiently. Students will learn some half court patterns, full court footwork and singles/doubles rules. They will be able to play intense half court games with some transition to full court. This player is advancing their skills on court in regards to competitive play and how to play a winning shot. As they develop the coaches will advise when they are ready to play in a tournament. The starting point for them would be doing one or both of the local EDBA tournaments.
Players are able to use full court skills proficiently. They will be mastering singles, doubles and mixed doubles footwork. Coaches will continue to work on competitive strategies. Players have advanced skill levels, attend class twice a week and participate in at least the two Badminton Alberta tournaments held in Edmonton - Provincials and EDBA tournaments. Other tournaments are encouraged.
Players are able to use all the cross court skills proficiently. They are learning more straight and cross patterns and play cross court singles and full court singles. Competitive B players understand the strategies. They will also learn doubles skills, footwork, and concepts. Players are preparing for the transition to a Badminton Alberta tournament and could also play in the Derrick Junior tournament when they have the skill level.
Players will improve singles, doubles and mixed doubles strategies, be able to think and adjust their own weakness and advantages individually. Coaches will be developing more intense footwork and fitness training. High performance group lessons will train the players as professional athletes and help them to be fit and ready for all the high level tournaments, including Nationals and International tournaments. This would include open tournaments organized by Badminton clubs in Edmonton and Calgary. As an elite player attendance to class twice a week is required.
You can also take private lessons with your preferred coach to take your badminton game to the next level.

Badminton Camps

If you’re looking for an immersive, daily badminton learning and training, The Derrick Club offers camps for players of all levels during regular school breaks.

This is a great way to hone your skills in a short period or introduce a younger family member to their new favourite sport.

Competitive Play

If you’re looking for competition, The Derrick Club has it. You’ll have opportunities every day of the week to compete. You can set up a friendly match with another member during an open play session or join a ladder for scheduled matches on Mondays and Fridays.