Friends or relatives interested in a membership at the Derrick? Our athletic transfer fee will be increasing to $8500 when we reach 875 athletic members.  We currently have 0 athletic memberships available at $7000.

Welcome to your home away from home!

Does the time it takes to play golf stop you from golfing? Would you golf more if you could consistently play 18 holes in 3:45 hours or less? At the Derrick Club you can!

                                  or call Lindsey at 780.437.8385.

At the end of the day, you want a welcoming place to relax, try new things,
and make new friends. As a Derrick member, you'll slip out of the workday
and into fun and fulfilling athletic pursuits of all kinds. Or... a glass of wine
in the lounge. It's up to you!


Are you dreaming of a place where the whole family can have fun? When
you find the right place, there is a level of contentment. Dave and Jeni
describe how The Derrick Club has given their family a strong sense of
belonging in a safe and active environment.


Everyone would like to work out in an up to date facility where they feel
comfortable. Chris and Janice talk about the welcoming atmosphere of the
Derrick Club and how the staff and members come together to create a
sense of community and family.


If you are looking for somewhere fun and relaxing that spans the generations
find out why Carl and his son Graham think the Derrick Club is just the
place for you and your entire family, no matter your age or activity level.


A comfortable full service haven with the perfect environment for family fun
and enjoying life is what Ami and Kati found at the Derrick Club. The
Derrick provides a wide range of facilities and activities for them - all in one
first-class, friendly, safe location.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you need an escape. As a Derrick
member, your home away from home is within reach. Find out why Andrea
and Jennifer visit the Derrick to get everything they want from a vacation

without having to leave the city.

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