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Paddy Lamb

Paddy Lamb is a Canadian, Irish, Ulster-Scots, Quaker, Huguenot, Celtic, Proto-Indo-European citizen of the world.

Born in Armagh, Northern Ireland, he studied Modern History at Trinity College, Dublin, and Physical Education and History as a post-graduate at the University of Alberta. He moved to Canada in 1985 and worked as a historian and archivist before devoting himself to a full-time career as a visual artist. His work is strongly influenced by history, memory and social culture, offering a personal narrative concerning human migration and attachment to the land.

Paddy is the recipient of various scholarships and awards. In 2009 and 2011 he received a fellowship and residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ballycastle, Co. Mayo. He has also been awarded residencies at the Thomas Gushul Studio in Blairmore, Alberta, The Ortona Armoury in Edmonton and 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects in Newfoundland.

He is currently President and National Spokesperson for CARFAC National

Sydney Rusnak

My name is Sydney Rusnak and I am currently in my fourth year of pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Alberta, majoring in painting. I am an avid skier and mountain biker, and a lot of my art reflects these passions. While the majority of my work is focused in painting, working mainly with oil and acrylic, I also spend quite a bit of time on printmaking projects, working primarily with lithography and linocut. My university practice centres on climate change and the influence that people have on this issue. However, I have also created a large collection of work featuring mountain landscapes, pulling from sketches created on hiking, biking and ski trips. Through my artwork, I attempt to capture our planet’s best features while also drawing attention to the improvements that we can make in order to preserve it, with the intention of sparking not only reflection, but profound appreciation in the viewer. 

Ira Hoffecker

My work has loose compositional associations to urban places through time. I am interested in how different societies transform and change city spaces over the course of the centuries. My work examines the relationships between people and cities by responding to constant change, reconstruction and restoration in the urban landscape. Many layers of abstracted elements of architecture provide the basis of my compositional language.

David Thomas

Residing in Alberta, Canada, Dave Thomas divides his time between large mural commissions and his fine art. Dave has been involved in numerous solo and group shows throughout the Edmonton area.

I aim to use the interplay between abstraction and realism to convey intangible and intuitive emotional material that is elicited by specific life experiences and world events. The process of making a painting; constantly shifting between realism and abstraction; trying to find harmony between the two; mirrors my process of mindfully existing in a zeitgeist in which there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Lesley Finlayson

Lesley Finlayson was born in Glasgow, Scotland. She received her BFA from the Glasgow School of Art. She moved to Canada in 1987 and continued her studies at the University of Calgary, where she graduated with a Master in Fine Arts. For 20 years, she was an educator in the Fine Arts Department at Langara College in British Columbia, Canada.

Lesley Finlayson exhibits in Canada and the United Kingdom. She has won numerous awards, including the Alberta Art Foundation Scholarship, the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship and the Hospitalfield School of Art Scholarship.

Her work is in public collections: Esso Petroleum Canada, Sceptre Resources and private collections in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Finlayson currently resides in Victoria, BC where she continues to paint.