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Rachel Appels 

Fitness & Wellness Director, Personal Trainer Level 2

Rachel has been working in the fitness and recreation industry for over 11 years. She holds a degree in Recreation and Health Education from the University of Victoria, is certified through CanFitPro as a Personal Training Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor Specialist and has her yoga certification through YogaFit Canada. She regularly attends fitness conferences and is always open to trying a new workout.  She has experience working with clients of all ages and abilities. She is passionate about working with young athletes and keeping females involved in fitness and sport. As an avid runner herself she enjoys working with other runners and teaching the benefits of cross training to improve race times. You are guaranteed to leave her workout feeling strong and accomplished. There are so many layers to fitness and Rachel is looking forward to unwrapping those with new clients. 

BA Rec and Health Education, CanFitPro PTS, CanFitPro FIS, YogaFit Level 1, High Five Sport 

Rachelle McGillivray

Rachelle McGillivray

Personal Trainer Level 3

After teaching for eight years Rachelle decided to switch things up. Using her teaching skills and her CSEP-PFT education she jumped on board at the Derrick. Whether her clients are 12 or 77 years old she approaches them with kindness and care, wanting the best for them, be that gaining confidence, mobility, joint integrity and of course fitness. Always reading and continually taking continuing education courses, Rachelle has many tools to work with and program designs to get you started, keep you moving and take you to the next level whatever your goal.


Rachelle McGillivray

Daniel Kajlanic

Personal Trainer Level 3

Daniel was born and raised in the Czech Republic and grew up playing many competitive sports. After completing studies in Prague in 2005, he moved to Sydney, Australia where he obtained his personal training certification from the Australian Academy of Sport & Fitness and afterwards sport therapy. In 2009, Daniel started working as a manual therapist for FC Sydney, one of Australia’s professional men's soccer teams. During his time in Sydney, he worked with athletes in hockey, ballet, and championship boxing. He briefly returned to Prague, where he continued to work as a trainer and therapist for a year and a half before moving to Edmonton in 2011.  Since then he has continued to work as a therapist/trainer for athletes ranging from young kids chasing pre-school skills to adults preparing for international marathon races. He most recent addition to his professional development is an international level license in Sport Therapy from Oxford, UK. He is in the process of completing his CSEP-CPT and swimming coach credentials and he currently also works at the Remedial Wellness clinic in Summerside as an RMT.

CSEP-CPT, Australian Academy of Sport & Fitness, RMT

Christine Filewich

Mason Rabinovitch

Personal Trainer Level 2

Mason's passion in life is simply movement. The more we move our bodies the better we feel, and the better we feel, the happier we are in life. Mason is a NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate and CSEP certified. He played college golf for 3 years reaching the national level twice. He is most experienced with bodybuilding and helping individuals lose weight, or gain muscle, even though he has chosen to focus mostly on mobility with his clients. The main process of gaining or losing weight comes from our ability to move and stabilize our bodies so we can function properly. So why sit around, now come out and join Mason. Get moving with Mason!


Matthew Graves

Personal Trainer Level 2

As a personal trainer, Matthew loves designing and implementing training programs using scientifically established methodologies that flexibly factor in a wide range of client variables, including goals, limitations, and desired intensity levels. Matthew was born on Vancouver Island, and spent his early years in the Lower Mainland running, swimming, cycling, and playing sports. After graduating from high school, he completed a degree at Thompson Rivers University and the University of Alberta before enrolling in the Elevated Learning Academy. After Matthew is through training for the day, he can often be found attempting to stretch his stubborn hamstrings.

BSc, ACE-CPT, ELA-PFT, ACE-YAS (Youth Activity Specialist), ACE-SCS (Sport Conditioning Specialist)

Luke Logan

Personal Trainer Level 2

Luke has been involved in martial arts for 15+ years, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu especially. Luke has also worked as a personal trainer for 10 years with a variety of clientele with different needs and goals. Luke’s past 6 years was spent working with Body by Bennett and got to work directly with the Edmonton Oilers and Oil Kings doing physical testing and boxing training. Luke has been dancing since a young age and really enjoys teaching and practicing salsa and bachata. Currently, Luke is completing a Superbrain course that is all about memorization techniques that can help you and your child study for exams, or memorize any details. Pairing this with physical exercise will help you and your families feel super confident!

NAIT - PFT, Mittology, IoM


Steph Fisher

Personal Trainer Level 3 (Maternity leave)

Steph completed her degree in Kinesiology at the University of Winnipeg. As she continues her education in the fitness field Steph has enjoyed learning about rehabilitation and injury prevention allowing people to stay active while reducing or eliminating pain. She has also enjoyed improving athletic performance in young athletes, working with individual players and hockey teams. Whatever a client's goals are Steph is eager to help achieve them.

Jared Turcotte

Fitness Assistant Manager

Jared brings experience and knowledge of the private sport club industry from working at the Glencoe Club in Calgary for 4 years to the Derrick! Graduating from Lambton College with an Advanced Diploma in Sports and Recreation Administration, his background is diverse and suited for his role at the club. Jared played basketball all three years while attending post-secondary and that has helped him better understand fitness and athletics.

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