The Derrick Club Indoor Tennis Centre

The Derrick Golf and Winter Club provides a wide variety of social and athletics programs for the whole family, and we want to keep building on that. 

In 2019, club members and the Board approved a state-of-the-art, four-court indoor tennis centre. Although COVID-19 has slowed the construction start date, the project is still moving forward. We know how sought after indoor court time is, and our careful planning, designing, and financial management will bring this exciting new development to life! 

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Redefining Tennis in Edmonton

The playing surface for the new tennis courts will be plexicushion. This is a very popular surface favoured by a number of private clubs because it is considered less jarring on players body and less stressful on joints. Derrick Club members will be able to challenge their friends and family on the same playing surface the pros use at the Australian Open.

A top of the line indirect LED lighting system will enhance the players’ experience throughout the facility.

More for Members

The Derrick Club is expanding the athletics program with an all-new indoor tennis centre! The centre will have four indoor tennis courts with plexicushion surface and a variety of programs for all levels. The design and budget are approved and the centre is ready for development.

Athletic members have full access to the courts and online booking will be available.

Contact Lindsey Pelechytik at or 780.437.8385 for more information or a tour.